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Sweatpants and Swimming in a Sea of Double Standards: Clare and Juan Pablo

11 Feb


Quickie on Clare and Juan Pablo.  Wow, Clare was on the precipice of whoredom, wasn’t she. She asked him to sneak out and swim in the ocean. Bad, bad.

Juan Pablo said he went along with swimming in the ocean with her because he did not want to hurt her feelings.  Then, he was like, “I don’t feel so good about that.” She covered her face in shame.


Wondering: why is swimming in the ocean with someone at 4am any more daddy nasty than tongue kissing 4 women , oops “girls”, in one night.  Skype me and let me know, JP.

But then, she didn’t “bolt.” Then they talked and she put on sweatpants and then got the rose.

So that’s pretty much this episode.

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